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SeaSky Villa Management

Your home is our pride and joy

Our passion is to enhance the desirability of the villas in our care to their highest potential.

If you had to ask SeaSky founder and director Ms Esta-Marita Opperman to define herself in three words, she’d most certainly reply, “Sun. Sea. Sky.” An Afrikaans ‘plattelandse meisie’ (rural girl) at heart, Esta-Marita relocated to the big city of Cape Town in 1986 and 22 years later launched her own villa management business.

An ex -yoga teacher and -reiki master – practices that require focus and discipline and which are essentially grounding in nature – Esta-Marita is able to multi-task and multi-manage with impressive efficiency and enthusiasm. From managing and maintaining, to marketing and negotiating, to decorating and styling, even down to the dreaded admin …. This is a business with many facets that relies on one person with an attentive eye for detail.

But no man is an island and Esta-Marita will be the first person to admit that without her dedicated and amazing team of co-workers, none of this will be possible.

SeaSky is her passion and this will always shine through in the quality work it produces and the many happy long-standing owners.